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Kim Kardashian And Khloé Kardashian Argue Over A Missing Rob Kardashian?see The Dramatic Kuwtk Moments! | E! Online

KUWTK Recap, EP 914 Kim Kardashian immediately gets the idea to create a vacation selfie book for Kanye West ... But there's some drama on the plane when Rob doesn't show up at the airport! Khloe wants to stay behind to find him, but then Kylie Jenner threatens to not go, so Khloe ends up joining the family but worries about Rob the entire time when she can't get a hold of him... As soon as they arrive, Kim starts snapping selfies, much to Khloe's annoyance... The first adventure they go on as a family is an afternoon of zip-lining! But Kim freaks out when it's her turn to go... Kris and Bruce Jenner are constantly arguing on the trip about what activities to do, when all of a sudden they get into a car accident!

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