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Sundance Film Spotlights Palestinian Spy For Israel

And without trust they will never get anywhere. But trust implies taking risks -- that's the only way to really create a valuable relationship." Rejected by his family, Mossab now lives under a new identity in California -- but read says he has no regrets. "Unfortunately it's very hard when you choose between bad and worse. When I look back, I could have done better and I wish I could achieve some of the achievements today without having to sacrifice my family, for example," he told AFP. "I knew my life would change forever and that unfortunately, I would lose my family and the people that I loved, but for the sake of telling a truth that I'm not ashamed of," he added. At some Farrah Abraham tape points a little dry, the film mixes Mossab and Gonen talking to the camera with archive footage and reconstructions of key scenes.
More http://news.yahoo.com/sundance-film-spotlights-palestinian-spy-israel-000722359.html

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