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Pepsi To Uncork Tv Channel With Mtv

The rise in music festivals (such as Sunburn and continue reading this.. NH7 Weekender), EDM concerts and TV http://felishaheyne.blogmonster.de/2013/10/28/farrah-abraham-and-her-popular-sex-tape-online/ shows (like Sound Trippin on MTV and Sound Trekking on Fox Traveller) has strengthened the belief in the indie music scene. Branding experts say independent music is a space with potential; its not as cluttered with associated brands like Bollywood or English http://cellarswine.ning.com/profiles/blogs/celebrity-sex-tapes pop music. So, if a regular music channel can air 150-200 songs in a day, the new indie channel can accommodate 450 songs. Hindi film music also carries a costly rights price tag, with just a few players, such as T-Series and Saregama, owning most of the inventory in the space; independent music acquisition is cheaper. Industry watchers say MTV will not have to worry about content for launching the channel. Click NEXT to read further. . .
Full story: http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-pepsi-to-uncork-tv-channel-with-mtv/20140106.htm

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