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Facebook Eyes Celebrities-fans Link

Rival social media site Twitter is renowned for already breaking the barrier between celebrity and fan. The microblogging site's popularity is due in part to its ability to allow public figures to communicate directly with fans and vice versa through messages of up to 140 characters long. But it is an area Facebook also wants to move in on. "We're testing a feature to make it easier for public figures to chat with their fans," a Facebook spokesman told the Press Association today. However, the spokesman did not want to elaborate further, as no details about the concept have yet been released. The new feature is likely to help Facebook use celebrities' popularity to boost its own in its ongoing rivalry with Twitter. The most popular celebrity on Twitter is US pop star Katy Perry, who has more than 47.2 million followers.
Full story: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/facebook-eyes-celebrities-fans-173223910.html

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